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Top Corporate Leader Award

Top Corporate Leader Award

What is Top Corporate Leader Award?

"Top Corporate Leader Award" is a most representative award for entrepreneur In Malaysia, made to feature substantially who have prominent achievement in business, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society.

Since its inception in 2011, the Award has paid tribute to entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and drive in their field of business, while making social contribution a significant part of their business philosophy. The Award has since grown to become a prestigious mark of success that entrepreneurs aspire to attain, and a platform where deserving entrepreneurs are showcased in Asia.


• To acknowledge the vital contributions made by companies and business leaders to Asia's development.
• To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in Asia, and to give recongition to excellence in corporate management.
• To encourage business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
• To build strong networks of Asian entrepreneurs as a source of learning and sharing of best practice.