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Most Popular Online Shop Award

Most Popular Online Shop Award

What is Most Popular Online Shop Award?

"Most Popular Online Shop Award" is ASEAN first award intended to celebrate those successful net business companies that go the extra mile in ensuring a secure purchasing environment for their customers by adhering to all regulations, by displaying correct information, and by carrying out their business in a trustworthy manner.

Most Popular Online Shop Award sets a standard of excellence for those associated with it, as it epitomizes a secure online shopping environment and encourages best net-business practices. It has become a recognised symbol of secure online shopping. At the same time, we educate modern people about online shopping, and also establishing an evaluation system, to maintain ASEAN internet market order.


• To recognised those successful net business owner and companies
• To encourage youth start their own business on internet
• To encourage traditional marketing companies go into net marketing
• To encourage net marketing companies go into traditional marketing
• To establishing an evaluation system, and maintains internet market order