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Top Corporate Leader Award 环球企业总裁大奖 2013

Published on Mar 12, 2013

We are honoured to live in this prosperous 21st century, numerous people risked their lives being successful, while many people have setbacks in lives. As a result, the growing rich-poor wealth gap have further become an important issue, which draws general concern of the international community.

As an Asia regional most influenced, non-profitable organization with high reputation, Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (AEFF) and HWT Group would like to bring all the business elites to be the group cohesiveness and bring the essence of success to these new successful era. "Top Corporate Leader Award" is a most prestige award made to feature substantially who have prominent achievement in business, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society.

2013 Winner of Top Corporate Leader Award :-
President of MK Curtain Group - Calvin Khiu Fu Siang D.N.S
Managing Partner of Ethos Capital Limited - Dato' Chong Chee Siong
President of Century Dynasty Group - Dato Seri' Dr. Stanley Goh
President of LKM Group - Dato' Melvin K.M Loh
President of SMS Group - Dato' Sheikh Mohamed Zulkifli SM Amin